Thursday, September 28, 2006

Upload the Download Festival

On September 30, Shoreline Amphitheatre will be packed with indie music junkies for this year's Download Festival, featuring Beck, the Shins and Coheed and Cambria. Just make sure you get your ass out of there when the concert's over because next up are John Mayer and Sheryl Crow on Oct. 1st. *Get a bad taste in my mouth writing that*

Anyway - Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View
Tickets: starting at $24.75

In Theory Signs Deal, Out of BoDog

Los Angeles-based Alternative powerhouse band In Theory has signed a production, distribution and publishing deal with Shelter From the Storm Records and is in the studio working on their debut album. Signing with Shelter automatically terminates their affiliation with the BoDog battle of the bands competition of which they have ascended from a group of approximately 10,000 to a short list of less than 50 finalists. They were one of two winners in the Los Angeles competition held at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip on August 20th.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Achim's "Achimsong" - Rock On Luxembourg!

I can admit in all honesty that Achim is my favorite musician from Luxembourg. But if he lived in Nashville, he’d likely be my favorite musician from there, too.

Achim creates wonderful, danceable, mind-melting music that defies genre. His promo song list includes classification of Achimsong’s tunes, which encompass R&B, rock, new age, funk, soul, hip hop … I’m not sure if Achim is trying to break us out of our stereotypes of what these genres should sound like or if he’s just playing with our minds. But it’s good. Really good.

I can hear some sweet R&B notes in “Funky Friend” but the song is pure DJ-mix electronica at its finest. My favorite song, “Spring Time,” is listed as country pop. OK. I hate country music and only tolerate pop. Maybe I don’t know what country he means and I don’t expect to hear songsmithing of this quality on any pop station in the U.S.

“Groovy Kinda” is funky, as listed, but the drums are so beyond funk we gotta bring it back into the techno-tinged fold. “My Sweet Song” is an acoustic, guitar-only masterpiece. I just don’t get how this guy can make me want to dance to it.

Much of the CD is mixed so the songs flow smoothly from one into another - hard to do without the occasional harsh sounds - but done perfectly by Achim. Mostly instrumental with some dubbed-in phrases in a few songs, this CD fits so many moods that there doesn’t seem to be a bad time to listen.

So grab Achimsong and drive, work, exercise, meditate, exercise, shake booty and/or any other activity you enjoy a soundtrack to … find it all at Oh, and the louder, the better.