Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wampus and FUZE Battle of the Bands

Wampus Multimedia will sponsor the FUZE Battle of the Bands on Saturday, April 28,
2007 at the Sportsplex in Winchester, Virginia. FUZE will feature amazing independent
bands, brilliant songwriters, and outrageous performers.

If you think that's you, submit your best song to FUZE in one of three ways:

MySpace: Refer the FUZE team to a song at your MySpace page.

Email: Email an mp3 of your song and a link to your Web site.

Snail mail: Mail a CD of your song with a press kit to FUZE, c/o Wampus Multimedia,
4 Weems Lane, #300, Winchester, VA 22601. Materials received by mail cannot be

Submissions to FUZE are free, one per artist. and will be accepted until March 16.
On March 30, FUZE will announce the five finalists who will compete on the FUZE


Monday, December 18, 2006

Music Industry Still Springing Leaks

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article on the early release of bands' upcoming music online. Not simply uploading and downloading the mp3s after they've become commercially available, but the leaks that hit the Net before the albums hit the stores or radio stations.

Everybody wants it, but nobody can get it. And in a music world in which control is king and anticipation is the doting queen, modern technology and music leaking are the ultimate spies. People who want new music the minute it becomes available and Internet-savvy listeners who will give it to them no matter the risk have forced the recording industry to fight battles over regulation and content management that make its infamous tussles with Napster seem like a walk in the park.

While the article points out that the sound quality of these leaked tunes rarely lives up to the quality of the CD version, the wee pirates say they don't really give a shit and will keep downloading tunes until their fingers and/or ears fall off.

Naturally, the only ones with their panties in a wad over this leaking are the Big Boys. Oddly enough, Indie labels are reporting that this kind of activity actually increases sales of their releases. Strange how that works, isn't it?

Anyway, cool article. Read the whole thing here: Leaks of new songs difficult to plug.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

THE PIGS for Peace

Alt rockers, THE PIGS, are offering their tongue-in-cheek track, “I’ve Got Santa Claus,” as a holiday download this month.

The track, which tells the tale of Santa hiding out until there’s Peace on Earth, is available as a free download, or, for .99 cents as a donation toward world peace, with all net proceeds going to As a further incentive to buy the download, all those making a donation by December 25 will have a chance at winning one of two Apple iPods. Winners will be announced on January 1, 2007.

Cough up that .99 and if you can't afford that ... spread some peace, love and understanding. Now, dammit!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cover Me - Free MP3 Downloads

OK, a little complicated but bear with me because this will be so worth your time if you're into bizarre cover songs. If not, flip on ever to iTunes and buy some shit or something.

Kotog has awakened me to the oftentimes sketchy but always worth a look blog Copy, Right?, which is wielded by a woman who apparently scours the underbelly of the web for strange covers of mostly strange songs. (And in a frightening note, she says that complete strangers send her these things, too.) I won't link to the downloads - one reason being there are too many and another is that her notes on the songs are as good as the music.

Yum!Yum!ORANGE "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (Bobby McFerrin cover)

I honestly never thought I'd post a cover if this, one of my most-hated songs EVER, but dammit if those Japanese ska bands don't charm my socks right off everytime.

Little Shepherd "Beate Ausem Block (Jenny from the Block)" (J.Lo cover)

Wow. This is like a terrible car crash from which I inexplicably can't turn away.

Without these tidbits, I could not in good conscience provide a trusting reader with a Bobby McFerrin download. Free or even if they paid you to download it.

Visit Copy, Right?. Hurry. The songs sometimes have short shelf lives and you're not going to find this kind of aural stimulation just anywhere. Don't tell your mom I sent you.

Friday, December 15, 2006

All That Xmas Jazz

Mark Sabbatini of All About Jazz has offered up some links to sites where you can download - freely for the most part - some holiday music so rancid even its creators have disavowed most copyright or connection to it. Which makes the songs into instant cult classics. Natch.

Bongobells offers about 50 mostly out-of-circulation albums ...

Many of the albums are discontinued, colossal commercial failures and other projects doomed to obscurity before digital capturing allowed them to be elevated to cult-like status. Generally the album's title and lead performer(s) are about all the information available without exhaustive research, but the sites provide enough description for listeners to know what they're getting before committing bandwidth to them. All of the songs are in unprotected MP3 format, but many are also likely in a legal “grey” area at best. But since eBay seems to be about the only way to get the actual CDs, you probably aren't starving anybody out of their Christmas dinner money.

Unfortunately, the Bongobells have nag screens between downloads and other unpretty wait times, but if you browse and find a lot that you want, you can get a one-month membership for the price of a J-Lo CD and download them .zip quick.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Death of Musick

Here's a thought-provoking article from Szplug of the Digital Journal that contemplates "The Future of Music." You've probably read most of these points before, but they're not often written as well.

Szplug apparently stayed awake through the documentary "Money For Nothing: Behind the Big Business of Music" and make the info available for you. Read and comment. I think you probably know my view by now (the faster the Musick Industry goes down, the sooner we'll get decent music in the stores and on the radio.)

DIE DIE Big 5!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Punk Legend

Bill Halen, San Francisco punk legend and current member of The Wrong Impressions, makes good with a fan and a Heineken after a recent gig. I love the man, but when he steals my girl friends and my beer, he's looking for a throw down. Punk legend? Or just punk? We'll decide after he buys the next round.

Free Download: Six Parts Seven

Indie zine Filter Magazine has a review and download from Six Parts Seven:

Sounding like the soundtrack to the best film never made, Ohio’s Six Parts Seven blend the pitch perfect indie music with brass and clarinets to create a sleepy instrumentals full of wonder.

Doesn't that sound sweet? Six Parts Seven is a new album coming out in January called "Casually Smashed To Pieces." You can download the single "Stolen Moments" from Suicide Squeeze. Enjoy!


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Doctor Sparkles - Doctor Demented?

Have you ever asked yourself "Who is gonna step up and become the heir to Tiny Tim?"

Maybe you haven't, but the real Junkie Jones has in a review for Sparkles "Sail Away". A must for ukulele fans.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Salty Pirates Free Download

Ha! And you thought that Kelly Clarkson thing was the real deal. Gotcha! Try this, as recommended by Subculture Magazine:

SALTY PIRATES are from Halmstad in Sweden. They met during High School and started to play together about four years ago. The main aim is to fight the commercialism that's infecting the music industry today. That's one off the reasons why they've put up their songs on their site so you can download them for free.

"We just want to make good pop music saying something about our lives and maybe make some people glad as we go" they say.

Rocking in the Free World

Time to look around and give a great big thumbs up to the people who keep this site online... yeah, I'm talking advertisers and you all know my favorite one already. PayPerPost rocks, not only because it pays, but it lets me decide what I want to put on my site. There's no "Do It or Die" posting. I have complete control.

Therefore, I can pretty much assure you that you won't see blogs about adult diapers (sorry, Rolling Stones) or great deals on slightly used Britney Spears underwear.

In fact, times like this one, I get paid just for simply telling you about PPP. How great is that? I know they're hoping that you'll read this and use them for your ads on blogs. And you should if you're not yet. Their requirements are simple, the people are so easy work with, and the site runs smooth as jazz.

If you're blogging for your band or your love of music or your 30,000,000+ vinyl collection, you should give them a try. If you don't need the money, there's an option to donate it to charity. There's no way to lose.

Zamsteen's Debut Eclectic

"Come over here boy, I've got something for ya...
It's this gun in your mouth, that says
you're gonna do some listening now."

Gansta rap? Nope.

A little edgy old time/new attitude jazz from Rachel Zamsteen, a musician and songwriter who is not afraid to stray from the norm. On her debut album, Bouquet (notpop records), Rachel zigzags her way across a landscape that is equal parts jazz, blues, folk and, of course, rock.

"As a person who has lived life as both a nice and bad girl , I can honestly say that I've felt more rewarded when I acted out in a 'rebellious' way or did things simply to obtain attention," says Rachel. "... Yet in reality, that personality was learned and in a big way was a coping system and/or defense mechanism. Regardless, it's a way to get by, but not the way to thrive. If, as a society, we accept a more relaxed outlook on life, I think we'd all be able to be kinder people."

Rachel's hometown newspaper, the Hartford Advocate, describes her as a mix of "Debbie Harry in her prime with a dash of Lydia Lunch's violence." And while on Bouquet, you may not hear punk rock anthems or feedback-laden tracks with thunderous drums of doom, you will feel the power and influence of Nirvana within her emotional words and delivery.