Sunday, September 30, 2007

Puremusic Interviews

Time for the latest Puremusic issue. See what you have to enjoy:

Fascinating interviews with Rosie Thomas and Elizabeth Cook, and a superb video interview with the bright lights of Canada, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

Reviews that cover the waterfront: Nick Lowe, Ryan Adams, Bitzen Trapper, June Panic, Tim Krekel, Shivaree, Jon Byrd, Fats Domino tribute, Satellite City, Little Wings, New Pornographers, and John Dee Holeman with The Waifs.

And more. Naturally.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Head Out On the Highway

Here's the site your mother never warned you about - because she never imagined the Web could get this cool. If you're a biker chick or a biker bro or would just really love to meet some of the former for biker dating (meow!) then Biker Planet is where you should point that front tire.

You can sign up and immediately access tons of great biker singles from across the country. There's a great mix of men and women putting their ads up and they range from requests for some easy daytimes rides to those ride off into the sunset romances.

You have nothing to lose. Sign up is free and you release the details you want and ask for responses from only those people who fit your list. If you hurry, there's a sweet looker that wants someone to ride the Texas Hill Country with him. Where's my helmet?!

Bring a Tear to Me Eye

Poor, dear Amy. As if the rehab thing wasn't enough. Having this guy in your corner - who seems even more disjointed as the years go by - "bang in the head began music career" ... huh? Wasn't that a Wham in the head? But that's a different story and if you haven't read it, you don't know what I'm talking about and probably don't care.

I'll wake you up if the aptly named Ms. Winehouse go-goes back to the cooler.

Rolling in the UK

When the nightlife starts up in the United Kingdom it never seems to end. No namby pamby curfews and roll up the sidewalks there. And if it's indie music you want, well this is where it all began, baby.

When most Statesiders think of the UK, we think London. And while it may be the coolest city ever, that's like thinking Disneyland is the only place to roll in the US. Heaven forbid.

Trot up to Scotland where there's more than bagpipes playing in Edinburgh ... ghosts not only roam the streets, they actually haunt the ground beneath your feet. Take a trip to the underworld in the Underground Vaults, a city beneath the city that was forgotten for 200 years. And under the Royal Mile lies a maze of concealed streets where people lived, worked and died.

You may think you've never heard much of Glasgow, but if you've been listening to Simple Minds, Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, Franz Ferdinand, Cosmic Rough Riders or Dogs Die in Hot Cars, then you've just a sample of the musical feast that is Glasgow.

You'll have to sleep sometime - preferably in the daylight - so you'll want to hit up to find the best deals on London Hotels, Edinburgh, and although it will certainly be a waste of time to sleep, Glasgow Hotels as well.

Jeffrey Luck Lucas At Magnatune

More outstanding and original sounds from the musical mentors at Magnatune:

Due to Antebellum Records' utter tininess in the vast music marketplace, Jeffrey Luck Lucas' "Hell Then Divine" was unfortunately one of the most overlooked albums of 2004.

Now that Magnatune has it, we're hoping it will find a much wider and well deserved audience because dang, Jeffrey Luck Lucas can write the living bejeezus out of a song. Hell Then Divine features an obsidian mix of his album rock and alt-country infused with gorgeous, almost courtly cello arrangements. Jeff's appealingly weathered voice stands out against a big night sky of instrumentation provided by a veritable who's-who of the West Coast indie music scene. Too many standout tracks to mention, just listen.

What are you waiting for? Visit Jeffrey Luck Lucas: Hell Then Divine at Magnatune. Take a look, then listen, then buy.

You're not going to find many alt-country with cellos options in the big-box stores and it doesn't get any better than when you can thumb your nose at the record companies and still listen to fabulous tunes.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Credit Card Options

The Co-operative Bank of the UK is offering some special credit cards deals - one of which will surely match your interests or needs.

If you're looking for a card that will allow you flexibility on purchases and especially balance transfers, the Co-operative has one that offers 0 percent interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first six months.

If you're more interested in philanthropy, The Co-operative Bank now sets aside a percentage of what you spend to donate to the organisation of your choice.

These are only two of the creative options the bank offers, for more credit card choices, see their Web site at The Co-operative Bank

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miles Davis Horn

What a sweet sweet thing to bid on. I can totally do without Benson, but just to touch a horn that Miles owned ... wow. I'd never had the nerve to blow through it, but what an inspiration it would be. I'm really curious to see what it will go for. But you know my indie jeans probably don't hold enough loot to even start the bidding.

Kerascene: Lil Kuz and Ak

Kerascene keeps on keeping us up-to-date with new artists, new music, and new grooves the world over. Check out:

"Lil Kuz is a british-asian rap artist that writes about real issues in the world today. Kuz has a musical, political, highly educated mind capable of making a change to the world if given a chance. Ak is a british-iraqi rap artist/producer who raps about real issues. Ak met Lil Kuz in 2005 and has been working with him ever since."

Learn more about the duo at Kerascene.

Tattoo Where?

Well, it's safe to say I've always been a tattoo lover, but not until these heady times of the Internet can I really find tattoo lovers. And uh, yes, that means finding dates and/or lovers who are tattooed.

Sweet! Mothers the world over will never approve but you can set your romantic dial to tattoo dating and never have to abide the uninked again.

You can join for free and quickly set up your profile. I say there are some interesting folks connecting here, so don't be expecting the lame or the tame. You can view fresh profiles before you sign up, it's a nice sneak peek and will let you know if you've come to the right place.

Who knows, your mom might already be there...

Quest For The Best

continues here ... as I scour the Web's underbelly to find you THE best music site in the Universe. You're welcome, really. My pleasure. No, really.

And now, the latest site you must visit: Discollective! Catch the Daily Download Mixtape for some good good shite you might never hear elsewhere. Read real music reviews from the members who do it for the love (unlike myself ... I do it for the payola and free plastic surgery). Listen to the lists selected by the peeps. Find out what tunes are soon to be released.

Yes, you have to be a member, that's where the "collective" part comes in. But it's free free and you can't beat that price.

Use Your iPod For Good

The Intelligent Community Initiative is a fascinating project with the admirable goal of linking business opportunities to communities with populations of less than 150,000. The Initiative plans to improve these communities with their "rapid business development model" that will take ideas and ramp them up in a shorter time than the communities could achieve on their own.

The Initiative is very interested in business that have ideas to address social concerns such as lack of jobs, health costs, global warming, energy issues and much more. If your town is full of good ideas but could use a little help bootstrapping them into reality, the The Intelligent Community Initiative Website is the place to go.

As for your iPod - part of Initiative's purpose is to release educational materials to the public that can be accessed by MP3 players. In fact, you can pick up "The iPod Tutor: The Argument Against Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion" right now and start learning to think critically.

Enjoy and prosper!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MP3 Gen Going to Hell

Further proof that MP3s are Just Plain No Good:

As Deaf Awareness Week kicks off in New Zealand a timely warning has been issued to people who like their music loud. New research conducted by the National Foundation for the Deaf (NFD) warns New Zealand music lovers could be facing a deaf future.

Seven out of 10 people under 30 are experiencing symptoms of permanent hearing damage after listening to loud music - yet do nothing to prevent it.

"This research confirms our concerns that the MP3 generation is facing a hearing epidemic," says Marianne Schumacher, the executive manager of the NFD.

I think she meant a "lack of hearing epidemic". Perhaps I'm just splitting earhairs.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

XML And A Lot More

I like coming upon a good tech blog, but when you can grab the best of the latest on XML and get some spot on restaurant reviews, you know you've found a great one. The XML Aficionado blog by Alexander Falk is a refreshing breath of air in the often over-heated (read: full of hot air) technology blogging sector.

Along with being a Red Sox fan ... poor guy ... Falk is a member of the W3C XML Schema WG that defined the XML Schema 1.0 specs and the co-creator of the Altova XMLSpy tool suite. But enough with the brainiac stuff, this guy's just a damn good writer. Take a look at his recent posts on Mint, BlogRush and the Yahoo Mail Beta spam attack.

This one's a keeper.

Hey Fab Chicks!

There's a new site you should look into (it's beta right now) that intends to list everything a Fab urban woman just needs to know about. We're talking fashion, men, hot styles, new perfumes, Sarah Jessica Parker, lots of cool hang outs, men and of course, my favorite, music.

If you want to know what's up and coming as far as concerts in the Chicago area, take a look at HerFabLife's event page. It's sparse right now, but as I said, it's beta, girls. Hopefully they'll start filling out that section real soon. Being the music mavens that I know you are, maybe you could send some suggestions.

Austin, Texas women, that's a direct challenge. You live in the "live music capital of the world," you're all so very fab, so we await your input.

UMG Still Sucks

What will they think of next? Prying warped 78s out of elderly widows' hands at estate sales? Smashing up those cool geometric sculptures made from recycled CDs because one out of the hundreds of them was labeled "promo?"

You know, if you losers are that hard up for money, why don't you go into a new business? Most intelligent people learn from failure and move on, not remain clinging to a failed business model like it was their mother's teat.

Grow up. Go away.

Time To Travel

Hotel Reservations is a very unassuming name for a business that offers way more than just hotel reservations. This is a one-stop site for everything you need to travel except for those little toothbrushes. Actually they may even have those ...

Book hotels, motels, resorts, cruises, vacations rentals - world wide. You can grab flights, rental cars or the whole vacation package all in one. There are discounts and rebates offered through out the site, so keep your eyes open for even greater savings.

You can cut your deals online or by phone in both the United States and Europe, but your travels certainly aren't limited to those two regions. When they say world wide they mean it. For example, if you want to rent a condo here are just a few of the locations available: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, the South West, Australia, Asia, the Bahamas, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, France, Mexico, South America and Spain. You can also chose a Bed and Breakfast if you prefer a more personal touch.

You can sign up for free to become a Discount member and once you are accepted, you will receive a monthly e-mail with their best deals and savings, including select hotel reservations for up to 70 percent off in cities world wide.

I just found this info in their FAQ:

What if I find a lower price after booking?

Special Internet Rate hotel reservations booked through Interactive Affiliate Network are guaranteed to be the lowest rate. If there is a lower rate available for the same dates and the same hotel, you must contact us within 24 hours of booking your "Special Internet Rate" reservation. We will either refund you the difference or cancel the reservations without penalty. This guarantee only applies to rate indicated as "Special Internet Rates." It does not apply to special events such as New Years and the Super Bowl.

Now that's good business. Check with your hotel when you arrive and you may make a sweet deal even sweeter.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Move To Amie Street

... Music lives here.

This is an outstanding music site and the sooner you visit, the better. The music rawks, the prices are reasonable (starts at zero and goes up as songs gain popularity) and they treat musicians like... almost humans. They say it better than I can, so on with the copy and paste:

Amie Street is the most fun way to discover and buy music online because we have a social network that facilitates music discovery and because we price music right - all songs start free and rise in price the more they are purchased. Our dynamic prices allow fans to buy music without breaking the bank and they serve as a useful tool for finding great music.

We know music is social, and finding new music needs to be fun. Music discovery is best served by communication between people, so we reward fans when they recommend songs to their friends by giving them credit to buy more music. Whether you spend two minutes or two hours on Amie Street you are connected to a world of music lovers discovering new music together.

We support our artists by giving them 70% of song sales and never taking ownership of their creative work ...


I Cut My CD Under My Car

OK, this is great. I've had you visit the Car Guy Garage before and they have some fantastic stuff, but their car lift has my head spinning! How would you like to be able to stack cars in your garage or parking spaces?

This is insanely cool. I can imagine just parking the cars up off the floor and building a recording studio in my garage. Sure, I'd have to keep an eye out for oil leaks and the like 'cause we all know what that could do your mixing board, but can you imagine the look on your friends' faces?

As they say: Priceless.

HipHop Vs America - Can You Do BETter?

I really don't know what to say about this. HipHop is what it is ... what are we trying to make it? If it didn't strike a chord, it wouldn't be bought. Simple.

So, is BET trying to change BET or HipHop? And who's spurring on this intense need to change? Where's the heat coming from? Communities? Musicians? Ad execs?

More questions than answers. Maybe we need to change lives, not musical genres or TV stations.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dell Has the UK Covered

Hey Across-the-Ponders - no more tripping off to Hong Kong in search of cheap computers - because Dell has you covered.

The Dell computers Web site has an easy to use tool to help you pick the personal computer that's right for you. Musicians - want to trip your Techstep and produce it for the world to hear? Dell can lead you to the processor that can handle all your musical composing, mixing and burning needs.

More interested in gaming? Covered. Need an affordable computer for business? Covered. Just plinking along at home? There is a basic set up starting from £268.99,
including VAT and shipping / delivery. And all your shopping is done from the comfort of home.

Want to know more about Natasha?

Bedingfield was born in the Lewisham district of London to New Zealand-born Molly and John Bedingfield who are both charity workers. She has three siblings; an older brother Daniel and a younger sister Nikola, who are both pop singers, and a younger brother, Joshua. Her interest in music was encouraged by her parents and growing up she took guitar and piano lessons. As a teenager, Bedingfield and her siblings, Daniel and Nikola, formed the dance/electronic group, The DNA Algorithm. Read more at Wikipedia.

Wampus Alert: Mick Reed

Wampus Multimedia has signed Americana singer-songwriter Mick Reed. A fixture of the New York City roots circuit, the literate and tuneful Reed releases Goodnight, Texas, his second album, on the Wampus label early next year.

A native New Englander whose music and lyrics are rooted in traditional songs and storytelling, Reed blends elements of country, blues, jazz, and bluegrass to create original tunes with a timeless feel. He lived on a fishing boat on the Hudson River for several years, and it was there that he wrote many of the songs on his first CD, Courtney's Farm, which included a duet with multi-platinum jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux. He regularly performs in New York and throughout New England.

Welcome to Wampus, Mick, and best of luck to you. Although, since you've already had a duet with Ms. Peyroux, you're clearly a lucky man.

Your Own Private IP

I'm not suggesting that you ever need to hide IP address/addresses when you're surfing the Net, but if you do, this site's for you:

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to be aware that your IP address - which is visible to any number of people and agencies as you visit Web sites - can positively ID you faster than a fingerprint. If you don't know how easy it is for someone to snag your IP, just visit the site and they'll show you your IP address by using just a snippet of code.

Don't think Internet privacy is only important to people who are doing something wrong. If privacy wasn't such a big deal to innocent people, the Founding Fathers wouldn't have addressed it so many times in the Bill of Rights.

Bottom line: IP addresses reveal your identity. But you have every right to hide yours and this site helps you do just that.

Tecktonik Does Better Than Rock

OK, truth is out. I love electronic music and I especially love to dance. Now mixin' Hip Hop with Techno ... you've got me on the floor. Along with most of Europe, where they will NEVER give up on electronic Indie.

Check out some Tecktonik on YouTube and tell me that ain't moving. So, so very much better than watching old hippies trying to dance to rock 'n' roll.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quibblo Quizzes

Here's a fun widget for your MySpace pages - if you're a band, they just so happen to have tons of music quizzes ready to go. Cooler yet, you can create your own MySpace quizzes. Want to know if your fans are paying attention? Set up a fill-in-the-blanks lyrics quiz. Want to know what they think is your best song? Create a poll and ask. It's just that easy, just that quick.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Janet Reno Drops Hot CD

Yo mama! Yes, that Janet Reno. Don't freak out now, this is serious shite. We're talking the history of America - the good, bad and the, ahem, ugly. You could stand to learn a little about the country that's given you so much. Beside, she doesn't actually sing on it.

But damn, that girl can dance.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quiz Rocket Knows Me

Quiz Rocket is a Web site that offers a fun personality quiz and a dozen or so other quizzes to take and you can get a badge to post the results on your blog or site.

I'm totally faking the zero percent dumb badge ... in fact I avoided that test because I didn't want the truth to come out. If it's a pop culture type intelligence test I would so fail. But ask me about obscure things like how the color magenta got its name and I can fill you in. Completely useless intelligence.

Sony Makes Music Even Less Cool

WTF? Why would anyone waste good R&D money - not to mention their reputations - on something so hideous? Or am I the only person left in America who wants a bit of dignity along with a few good tunes? GFG.

Female Elvis Dies

She was Indie way before indie was cool. Rock on, girl.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Klaxons Rule the Empire

I love an ecstatic musical adventure, don't you?

Good for the new guys!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Napster Suit Settled for $130M

I'd like to see how much of this money actually hits the artists who were "damaged" by all the illegal promotion - I mean downloading - of their music. What a waste of time and money. Nice to know Napster is now legitimate ... poor bastards. Ha!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Viva la Musica!

OK. Now will you please play some of these artists on US radio? Are they not blonde enough for "us" yet? grrrr....