Thursday, November 29, 2007

Iran Says Rap Is Evil

When anyone claims to be "promoting virtue" your only choices are flight or fight. I hope they fight, but since most popular music has to be found via the black market I'm not sure what the artists and fans have to fight with.

Friday, November 23, 2007

First Friday Art Walk

One of the cooler events I've seen listed online lately is the St. Augustine, Florida's First Friday Weekend Art Walk, which happens (of course) the first Friday of each and every month of the year. And, it's so much fun, they've had to bundle Saturday in as well.

More than 20 participating art galleries offer free admission to their latest exhibits, and provide music and other entertainment as well as refreshments. There is also free transportation between most of the galleries provided by St. Augustine Sightseeing Trains and Old Town Trolleys. Shuttles are available for the loop every 15 to 30 minutes. The self-guided St. Augustine Artwalk tours begin at 5 p.m. and continue until 9 p.m.

Some of the St. Augustine artists currently showing their work include: Sydney McKenna (whose oil and watercolor paintings beautifully portray the interplay of water and sky), Ray Brilli (known for capturing the true St. Augustine), Peter O'Neill (famous for his poster of a Sept. 11th firefighter and brilliant in his technique of suspending motion), Beau Redmond, nature artist Trip Harrison, Jean Troemel and Jan Miller.

If you are an artist yourself, you may be able to participate in the art walk by requesting exhibit space. For more information call 904-829-0065.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Banned In Japan

Wow ... you have only lost about 50 bajillion potential fans there. I guess that proves if you don't have an Axl, you just can't roll. I am not saying that's a good thing. I'm just saying.

It's too bad a band can't be judged on their own merits - or lack of - instead of past reputations. Still, I think I'll sleep all right tonight.

For Your Health

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Sick Puppies Video

The band - not any actual puppies. What, do you think I'm crazy here?

As if you didn't know, Sick Puppies are Shimon Moore, Emma Anzai and Mark Goodwin from Sydney, Australia. They may be best known for their post grunge/nu metal version of Destiny's Child's "Say My Name," which would probably never had made a ripple if Destiny's Child's record label hadn't threatened a lawsuit over it. Idiots.

Too Sweet

Talk about your Sentimental Displays ... this online graphics company helps you announce the arrival of your offspring on a t-shirt.

But they take it beyond the simple "It's a ____!" and let you personalize the shirts with the little tyke's hand prints or footprints. They also offer cute bibs for the babes and Spanish language prints too.

Solway Streaming Freeware

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    Download Solway's Player free.

  • My Delicious Writing

    Great news, Dear Readers! Thanks to the evil genuises at my writing will never again be bland or tasteless.

    With the deliciously named Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencil (mine's grape), we can all look forward to post after post of only the most juicy indie music tidbits. And if you really want a kick, just let some of the posts ferment for awhile and I'm sure they will taste at least as good as well-aged Mogan David.

    There's so much cool stuff at Vat19. Take a look at their Electronic Talking Photo Album - if you're into that kind of thing. If not, there are plenty of things to appeal to your more vulgar sense of humorous gift-giving, like the Van Gogh DisappEARing Ear Mug. Yep. When the mug gets hot, Vinnie's ear magically disappears.

    It's too beautiful for words.

    It Takes a University

    The University of New Hampshire has entered into an agreement with an online company that will allow students to legally download music. The program called Ruckus allows anyone with a .edu e-mail address to access over three million songs.

    And the fans went wild? Not exactly. Seems the deal only works with Windows so Mac users are SOL and the free songs won't transfer to an iPod and can't be burned to CD.

    And just like every college perk, once you graduate your music is gone. Haha! Wait. That sucks...

    Spock on Ring of Fire

    Finding people online is a pretty easy thing to do, especially if they want to be found. Finding the connections between people is another matter ... and I mean beyond the six degrees from Kevin Bacon type of connections.

    If you want to know all the artists who've ever done a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" how are you going to do that? What about if you want to know all the people who've dated Courtney Love?

    We're going to try to answer at least the first question with the search engine Spock. This engine reports that it can allow us to search people "by name or by a 'tag' consisting of a personal piece of information (e.g. Brown hair, New York Yankees, enjoys vegetables, etc)." Let's see how it goes.

    First we sign up (easy peasy) and simply type in the words "ring of fire". And the results are ... odd to say the least. I'm thinking Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hasn't done many Cash covers. Same with Gerald Okamura, famed martial arts stunt man. What gives? Well, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was on a radio talk show named "Ring of Fire" and Gerald Okamura had a role in a movie by the same name. This widget shows all the peeps found in the search.

    Clearly this is more complicated than it seemed at first. We can narrow the search down further by choosing the tag musicians from this search. That leaves us with the Man in Black himself, Ina Anita Carter (who actually recorded it before Johnny did), and - I kid you not - Dr. Ring-Ding, the German reggae, ska and dancehall artist. But where are the members of Blondie and Social Distortion? Apparently there are more connections that need to be made and fortunately we can do that. To make sure your favorites show up in all the right places, sign up up for yourself and start making connections.

    He's Back, But Why?

    From the "Isn't it wonderful?" files:

    After a 24-year sabbatical, Dr. Noah Drake has returned to ABC daytime, and the music of Rick Springfield is about to fill our speakers once again. Sonic Past Music, a new label dedicated to bringing fans previously unreleased albums from their favorite classic artists, has just uncovered Rick Springfield: The Early Sound City Sessions. The CD will be available on November 20 and includes material that set the stage for Springfield's rise as a Pop star.

    Recorded in 1977 and '78, the album includes songs that were later re-recorded with studio musicians for his Beautiful Feelings album. Best of all! Rick Springfield: The Early Sound City Sessions features a bonus track, "Still Got the Magic," which has never been heard before.

    Can we all say "yea!" No? OK. I didn't think so.

    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Goths Can Date If They Want To

    OK, let's make this quick and easy because I know you have things to do, like meet your next date for one.

    If you are into any of the following cultures:

  • Goth
  • Fetish
  • Dark
  • Vampire
  • Extreme Music
  • Alternative

    then you need to hit up in search of genuine Goth singles. No more thinking you've hooked up with a "Goth chick" or "Goth dude" and finding out that she or he thinks Goth means nothing more than an unsteady hand when putting on eyeliner.

    At Darkyria you and your fellow dark ones can upload your photos and Send a Wink to someone you’re interested in. If you need a bit of guidance around the dating scene the appropriately named Dark Cupid can help you dig up a soulmate.

    And there's more - including free video chatting, a World Map Seeker and forums where you can share the good, the bad and the ugly. The site has a soothing black background with the requisite blood red text and the graphics are pretty wicked as well. I'm over there now with about 200 other seekers and uh, well, I won't tell you who I think is most, shall we say, interesting. (Interesting means hotter than Hell, as if you didn't know) Frankly I don't need your competition on this one.

    As they say "Love Different." And enjoy. Or don't, you counter culture fool, you.

  • Boyz II Men II Old Farts

    Enough said.

    Fire Up

    Excellent! Best of luck to youse. If Arcade Fire is facing Radiohead's Internet version of "In Rainbows" they can't help but win.

    My only question is when did Canada get so darned edgy? (Pardon my language.) Look at how many bands and whatnot use The Word That Begins With an F.

    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Blog Biz Cards

    Did you start your band's blog figuring that was the way to instant fame and fortune? It can be, that's true. But only if people know how to find you (or that you exist). whether they are online or off-line.

    The answer? Free blogger cards. Yep, these work just like business cards and give you an easy way to let people know who you are, what you do, and where online you do it. Ooprint is now offering 100 blogger cards for just the price of shipping.


    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Traverso Audio Freeware

    Got your download for the day - Traverso - a free, cross platform multitrack audio recording and editing suite, with an innovative and easy to master interface. It's suited for both professional and home users. Traverso is a complete solution from recording to CD mastering.

    By supplying many common tools in one package, you aren't forced to learn different applications - this will lower your learning curve considerably. Adding and removing effects plugins, moving Audio Clips or creating new tracks during playback is perfectly safe, giving you the opportunity to get instant feedback.


    Must Be Karisma

    Are you rich? Would you just like to feel that way for a few days?

    Karisma Resorts would like you to consider their secluded and oh so decadent Karisma Hotels on the beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya. This place is all about white sand and extreme luxury - from gourmet meals to unparalleled entertainment, ocean-view intimacy in a beach bed with retractable curtains to sunset margaritas brought to you across the sand by your very own Beach Butler.

    If it sounds like a dream, it is. It may not be what you'd expect from Mexico Vacations, but it's just what you'll get - and a lot more.

    Karisma Hotels offers five different locations, some adult only, some family friendly and one for "naturalists." If you are seeking days of superb luxury and service, Karisma promises you the "Wow" factor normally reserved for only the most affluent.


    If you haven't heard Ozomatli, it's about time you did. Honestly, this is the first mainstreamish news coverage I think I've ever heard on them. The band has an ever-changing, multi-ethnic line up, which hits the Latin, hip hop, and rock genres in a great way by incorporating the flavors of reggae, funk and salsa with a little jazz thrown in.

    You don't have to like their politics, you just have to dance.

    Clashing What?

    Umm ... what? Isn't this kind of like, I don't know "Battle of the Bonbons?" "War of the Winds?"

    This just isn't the type of gang I expect to see fighting it out in the streets. "West Side Story" gone wimpy, I guess would be the closest I could come to a comparison for this alleged clash.

    I fear for music.

    Hits The Spot

    If you're used to using Online Coupons, you know sometimes the sites can get a bit stale ... same old coupons everyday and half of those expired.

    Well, you won't find that happening at The Big List. Their coupons and deals are updated daily. Right now, they include some great Musician's Friend coupons and deals.

    If that wouldn't make for a perfect weekend then I don't know you.

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Chris Colepaugh Release

    Just to let you know: Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew are blazing a trail with their new release “In Your Backyard.” The album drips with thick electric guitars, Bonham-esque style drums, massive bass, and soulful songwriting and lyrics. From the heavy guitar-soaked-rocker-single "Caught Up To You" to the acoustic guitar/mandolin picking of "Don't Want You 'Round No More," the album features guitar-intense, southern rock.

    Chris and the Crew have performed at festivals in Canada and the United States including SXSW , CMW, NXNE, NEMO, Evolve, Canadian Music Cafe, including dates with the North Mississippi Allstars, performances at the House Of Blues, tours of New England and southern US, the U.S. West Coast and two tours of Southern California. If you missed them on tour you can grab the album at the Web site.

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Zero Interest?

    Here's another lesson in learning to mind your money. Pay attention, I know you can afford at least that much.

    0% credit cards are a great way to reduce your overall credit debt, right? Yes and no.

    Transferring high interest rate balances from other credit cards to a zero percent card works by allowing you to pay the same amount as you have been but applying more of that payment to the principal instead of the interest. So what could ever be bad about that?

    Well, most of the time that zero percent is only an introductory rate. Sometimes it may be only one month before the interest rate rises well above what you used to pay on your old cards.

    So what's the lesson here? Read the fine print. Know how long that rate will last and how hard you'll be hit when it ends. Best thing to do is find a good zero percent offer for balance transfers that lasts long enough for you to pay off the entire debt.

    Love Dishes

    Nadine Cheung, my new favorite writer, tool a deep breath and plunged into the short circuit that is Courtney Love's brain. God bless her (Nadine). She came back alive with this juicy tidbit that made me laugh laugh laugh.

    "In a long-winded, grammatically atrocious rant" the former Hole frontwoman's MySpace blog ... takes a jab at Madonna calling her career "a joke".

    "Madonna is a great business woman but come on, she's weak as an artist and we all know it. I like Madge but as a relevant musician it's a joke.

    "She's singing from such a calculating, thought-out place all the time. It's never from her gut or heart of intuition, so maybe it sounds great and slick and you can hum it."

    Relevance is so ... relevant, don't you think?

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Found My Home

    Girl, I am so moving to Cyprus! After checking out the views from some of the beautiful North Cyprus Property for sale, I know where I'm going to be when my ship comes in. Yes, on a sunny island in the Mediterranean.

    North Cyprus has a good cost of living index considering the fabulous location and most of the residents speak English. The food is good and the beaches go on forever. And the prices ... how about approximately $184,000 (USD) for a three bedroom villa?

    Now you're listening, aren't you? Take a look at the 360 degree views of the houses and land on the Web site. I'm sure I'll be calling you "neighbor" soon.

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Canada Rocks

    How odd that digital delivery would be such a boon to the Canadian music industry and such a terrifying prospect for the American musick industry. We haven't been crying a little wolf, have we?

    Stinking RIAA. Stinking big musick. You're so painfully, transparently greedy and grasping. You can not die one moment too soon.

    Krillion Search

    We now interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for a brief Whirlpool Washing Machines commercial. Your music will continue after the pause.

    If you're like 75 percent of shoppers and do your big appliance shopping online before you hit the real world stores for the actual purchase, you need to visit the Krillion Localization Engine™ (forget Google in other words). Krillion provides local, relevant search results for ready-to-buy consumers like yourself - or the ones searching for your business, whether it's national or regional, big box or small.

    Krillion features the latest info on the latest models of flat panel TVs, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers (like the sweet Whirlpool above), dryers and much more. Shop away.

    Opened Paradise

    The incredible, hollowed out grandeur of Occult brings you straight into the darkly glorious and melodic world of Opened Paradise.

    Periklis E's voice is evocative and intense that it gives Peter Murphy a run for his money, while Babis on guitars and Constantinos on drums lend a dire, driving sound to the album that makes perfect counterpoint to the cavernous vocals, so sayeth the musical geniuses at Magnatune.

    You are "strongly" recommended to turn off the shuffle on your MP3 player until you've heard the whole album first note to last.

    Hank Thompson Obit

    Bad news indeed. I remember listening to "The Wild Side of Life" from when I was just a wee thing hearing my father's drinking music late at night. He'd rouse me and my siblings out of bed and teach us the two-step. We'd dance until the sun came up.

    Thanks for the music and the memories, Hank.

    Make It There

    No matter where you're from, there's one place you need to go and that place is New York City. And the best way to experience this cultural Mecca and world capital on the coast of the U.S. is with the New York CityPass.

    The pass will literally open the doors to the city for you - no more standing in lines at the must-see attractions. Just flash you pass and you are escorted in with no waiting among the mere tourists. The CityPass Winter Special runs December 15 to March 15 and will save you half off the normal cost of admissions.

    What you get are tickets to the top six NYC attractions along with public transportation info, a map and insider tips on the best time to arrive. You'll see the American Museum of Natural History, a Circle Line Sightseeing boat cruise with a view of the Manhattan skyline, the Empire State Building Observatory, the Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and my personal favorite, the The Museum of Modern Art.

    Let me tell you, the visit to MoMA is worth more than the cost of this entire pass. New York City is definitely eye-opening, but MoMA is mind-expanding. Your creativity will simply explode and, if you let it happen, it can evolve your own work in ways now unimaginable. Go. Enjoy. Learn.

    Swivel Neck Jones

    Magnatune artist William Brooks, aka "Swivel Neck Jones," makes a foray into atmospheric electronica and succeeds admirably at creating a mellow,underwater vibe with the release of "Deep Life."

    Hammond organ and vibraphone swirl around crisp, mid-tempo beats for a great listen while you work album. Viva the life aquatic or just get funky on dry ground. Enjoy.

    Swivel Neck Jones - Deep Life

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    UK Payday

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    Free Internet Radio Software

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    Download RaimaRadio freeware now.

    Monday, November 05, 2007

    Idol Minds

    Admit it. You love American Idol. You watch it when no one's watching you and you just wish you could do the whole office water cooler thing where can you gossip about the judges and contestants and who totally rocked or bombed.

    You can do all that and more at the Idol Exclusive website. This is the place to be for everything Idol. You can join fan groups, get exclusive photos and videos and talk about it all in the forums.

    Speaking of the forums, there are some really interesting and some laugh-out-loud posts there, like "Is Clay Aiken Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" and "American Idol to be Banned in China."

    Visit and enjoy! You know you want to.

    Winehouse ... What a Name

    What do you know? She made it.

    I'm sorry I'm so cruel. Really I am. When did I become so damned unsympathetic to artistes and their addictions? Oh yeah ... about the same time I realized that when you O.D. you never even get to read the coverage on your tragic end and that choking to death on your own puke is not at all glamorous.

    Anyway, best of luck, girl.

    More Home Less Work

    Keeping up with the latest on home loans and mortgage rates
    options has become almost a full time job these days. If you're simply looking for a home, you shouldn't have to work that hard.

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    Thinking of Hank

    Best wishes go out to good old Hank - the real one. It is sad to see these artists slipping away from from us. These people were the real thing, indie before we even knew there was an alternative. Even if country music wasn't your thing - it certainly was never mine - you need to listen to these kinds of artists to truly appreciate how music has evolved.

    Take care, old man.

    Never Deal With a Dealer

    You know how Lending Tree has come up with the great commercials where bankers are now forces to compete to loan people money (even their own employees)? I love these and the whole notion these businesses need me more than I need them. That's gotten pretty skewed lately.

    Now what if you could get car dealers doing the same thing? What if you never had to pay full price for a new automobile again? Well, just hit up and you can buy your ride at wholesale prices from dealers competing for your business. Need a Honda Car Quote? You can get up to two free quotes now and completely change the way car dealers treat you. They can also help you find a loan.


    Valentina Loves Le Loup

    Today we have one of the favorite picks of music lover Valentina Vitols, a Lulu member and all around indie fan. She's given the nod to Le Loup's "The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly."

    "Take Sufjan Stevens's quirky folk sounds and blend them with electronic beats and dramatic, intricate melodic shifts. The results will take you to the sounds of Le Loup, a well-oiled band where voices (which they refer to as Vox in their MySpace) enrich each other and sounds burst into elaborate and lavish music! And, oh, the wonders of the modern technology!

    Valentina's favorite songs from the release are: "Outside Of This Car," "The End Of The World!" and "We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!"

    Do enjoy.

    Time for Some Loyalty

    What do your customers get for their webloyalty these days? How about some in return? Webloyalty, a leading online marketing services company, makes it easy for you reward your paying customers while at the same time increasing your own revenue.

    This win-win situation is accomplished through innovative products that create benefit packages for the consumers of fee-based services from businesses that specialize in travel, ecommerce and more.

    Webloyalty was started in 1999 and has been innovative from the beginning with their commitment to responsible marketing and outstanding customer service. More than two million subscribers are currently enjoying savings from Webloyalty’s services. Take a look if you'd like a way to thank your customers.

    Dead Famous Launches

    Into dead famous artists? Wish some of your favorite artists were dead famous?

    Now you can hit it with the launch of Dead Famous Artists International, a new record label with licensing, publishing, artist management and global distribution. The scoop is it's only for independent musicians, their fans, industry professionals and of course, the sweet sweet music lovers.

    Dead Famous Artists offers music artists a brand new platform using the latest technologies to get their songs heard, licensed, published and distributed throughout the world.

    And for fans, the Dead Famous Army plans to be the best way to discover great new music and the best up-and-coming artists in the world. "With all kinds of perks and VIP packages, from free music downloads to promotional items such as t-shirts, advanced ticket sales, meet and greet passes, that are sure to interest everyone from the casual listener to the devoted fan."

    Dig in!

    Bind Divine at Magnatune

    Magnatune is offer two great releases from Blind Divine this month. If you haven't heard this band, you can get a glimpse of how they sound from this description, "If Gwen Stefani was a goth, she might make music like this."

    The releases are Devouring the Beautiful: Hauntingly erotic, Devouring the Beautiful features the sensual, melodic vocals of Paula Catherine Valencia as well as the impressively rich instrumentation of Daniel Martin Diaz. Blind Divine's music is somewhere between alt-rock and art rock, with a subtle trip-hop groove churning underneath. Standout tracks include "Something Magical" and the gorgeously
    emotive "Sometime Soon."

    And Desire to Destroy: Downcast and sexy, Paula Catherine Valencia's stylized vocals strike a great balance between a dark and delicate mood, while Daniel Martin Diaz's music features downtempo rhythms with soft, melancholy melodies. Electronic and acoustic sounds together with unique warmth and depth, revealing several of the more somber paths to beauty. The darkly tender "Find a Cure" on
    this album is an absolute must-hear.

    Sounds beautiful. Thanks to Shannon at Magnatune for keeping us up to date and in the know.

    Friday, November 02, 2007

    Tactical Gear

    5.11 Tactical Outdoors has all the police and tactical gear you could ever want at very reasonable prices.

    Check out their Galco holsters and shoulder rigs - these are some of the highest quality rigs ever produced and are used on the job and in movies. 5.11's also carries Galco bags, ammo pouches, range bags and slings.

    If you need any kind of tactical wear from jumpsuits to gloves to TDUs, 5.11 Tactical Outdoors has it. Free shipping available on some purchases.

    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    CD Cover Freeware

    Moving to the next level? Do you have a promo CD in hand and you're ready to start hitting people up for play?

    Before you start dishing out, consider making your CD memorable. You don't want it covered with dust on some DJ's side table. Here's some nifty freeware to create the cover of your dreams. Yes, I said Freeware as in free software.

    CdCoverCreator is a powerful tool to create your own CD covers for both Audio and Data CDs. Use CdCoverCreator to create your covers, inlays, labels, and even booklets for your lyrics and whatnot.

    It's worth a download.

    Take It Easy

    If you are a seriously overweight Texan and your doctor has told you that it's time to take the next step, doctor Richard Collier wants you to know about his practice and the conroe lap band system. The Lap-Band is the only adjustable and completely reversible weight-loss surgery available in the United States.

    If you're looking for surgical weight-loss procedures in Houston, Conroe, Kingwood and The Woodlands in Texas, Dr, Collier's surgical center is designed to maximize your comfort during this outpatient surgery. Every aspect of the environment was created for ease of movement and to create a soothing ambiance.

    OiNK: Another View

    Was I hasty in my condemnation of OiNK? I have to be honest and say I don't belong to any file sharing site, so I don't always know the ins and outs. I certainly don't trust the RIAA so this post at 451 Press is making me step back and take another look.

    451 says:

    The raid was done by one of the affiliate organizations associated with the RIAA. According to these officials, the raid was the culmination of a two year investigation on Oink. I think it's a load of crap. If they did spend that much time investigating the site then why were the information they leaked to the public so wrong? First, they said that Oink asked for subscriptions to access the site. This is not true. Membership is free, although it is on an invite only basis. Second, they said that the site "releases" advance copies of albums. Oink doesn't do that because it is just a TRACKER.

    Until I hear otherwise, I'm withholding further judgment of the wee piggies at OiNK.

    PayDay PayBack

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    Sited: Jamphetamines

    JAMphetamines a free, social media-type indie music community is now open to the public. Jamphetamines offers independent musicians and fans a place network and share their music videos/audio privately or publicly.

    The site has a wide variety of features for anyone interested in the indie music scene. Stay up to date with multiple RSS feeds. Join music-related groups on Jamphetamines and hook up to video channels - each one featuring a different genre of music.